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Ballerina in a field

Duancun is a part of Anxin county in Hebei province. It’s a typical Chinese village. The new campus of Duancun School was completed in 2013. Ordinary village children go to school here, but the fate of some pupils changed due to Guan Yu’s arrival in the village. In 2013, Guan Yu and his wife Zhang Ping came to Duancun. They offer a systematic art education programme. In the beginning, the obstacles Guan Yu ran into were beyond his imagination.The couple initially just wanted the village children to learn ballet happily. Yet after learning more about the situation in the village, they have a change of mind……

China Stories

In the last few decades, China has been experiencing tremendous changes in its economy, society and infrastructure. Each episode of “China Stories” shows audience China by presenting them with stories, characters and images, in the hope that they may understand what the Chinese think, do, and care about now. Leaders have dreams, but what about the dreams of the people?
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