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Unabandoned Love (Vietnam)

Sunny and several volunteers went to Hochiminh City, Vietnam
in January 2011 to team up with a Catholic Church to distribute basic
necessities to the needy. They went to the market to buy rice, noodles,
sugar and other necessities and packed these items into lucky bags,
which were then delivered to leprosy patients, disabled patients, chronic
patients and the elderly.

Sunny was born in Hong Kong and raised in Venezuela. He returned
to the city in 1997 and lived a busy life - like every typical Hong Kong citizen.
Five years ago, setbacks in life made him frustrated. He failed to sleep
properly and decided to fill his life with meaning by doing volunteer service.
He first volunteered as a counsellor in a voluntary organization to provide
counselling service and spiritual support to suicidal people. He then kept on
volunteering in all kinds of service for more than one year, with a record of
serving in seven different organizations at the same time.

To further his volunteer experience, Sunny even quit his job in 2007
to serve outside Hong Kong. Having worked in the Missionaries of Charity
in India, Thailand and Cambodia to take care of the dying and HIV orphans,
he came back with a determination to establish his own charity organization.

In order to help people freely, he decided to help the needy by
distributing lucky bags. First he looks for patrons to provide him with
materials and gathers volunteers to pack them into lucky bags. Then he
contacts other voluntary organizations to find suitable recipients and
delivers the bags to them himself.

Having met different kinds of recipients, Sunny points out that his
priority should be given to those who are abandoned, e.g. street sleepers,
elderly who live alone and the destitutes. He holds that those who are
abandoned by society are the poorest.

In the past two years, Sunny furthered his project to help people
outside Hong Kong. His lucky bags have reached up to 13 countries.
It is his wish to give material as well as emotional support to the people
in need.

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Volunteering Without Boundaries

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This is a series of 13 documentaries about volunteerism.
Each episode will focus on one or two Hong Kong people who are doing different types of volunteer work in different areas of the world.  By telling the stories of these HK volunteers, audiences will have a clearer picture on the different needs around the world, also one will know more about the in depth feeling of these HK volunteers.

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