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Business and Market Discussions / View From Taiwan / Sharing Economy : Guesthouse & Bike-sharing 00:57:00 2018-07-19
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing says it has reached an agreement with the Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses to eventually allow mainland investors to buy stocks such as Xiaomi, through the Stock Connect scheme. But first it will have to educate mainland investors about shares with weighted voting rights.

Google has been penalised with a record €4.34bn ($5bn) antitrust fine by the EU for the way it bundles its apps on Android smartphones and tablets. The European Commission said the firm had used the mobile operating system to illegally "cement its dominant position" in search.

White House chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow has accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of blocking progress on trade talks between the two countries. He said, “President Xi at the moment does not wish to make a deal. I believe Xi is holding the game up. We are waiting for him. The ball is in his court.”

Fed chairman Jerome Powell said the expansionary fiscal stance is expected to fuel the US economy for at least two years. Larry Kudlow says economic growth in the US could top 4% for “a quarter or two.” But the latest economic data shows the number of housing starts in the US fell by the most since Donald Trump was elected president.

On our panel this morning is independent analyst, Andrew Sullivan and Steve Wang, from CITIC CLSA. Providing the view from Taiwan is Ross Feingold, Taiwan-based Political Analyst & Senior Advisor for D.C. International Advisory. 

After 8:30, we discuss the sharing economy in Hong Kong. Joining us is Simon Lee, Convenor of the Sharing Economy Alliance. We also talk to Lou Chan, Co-Founder and Managing Director at GuestReady and Joseph Sung, Founder and CEO from Hoba Bike.