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The Works

Type:VideoLanguage:EnglishCategories:雜誌式文化Current AffairsArts & CultureStatus:On going Description: RTHK' s The Works focuses on Hong Kong's arts and cultural scene.

The Works features news and reviews of visual and performing arts, design, literary and other “ works ” .

Added illumination comes from interviews with leading performers and producers, interspersed with updates on events affecting the development of the territory 's artistic and cultural life. There's also in – most weeks – a live studio performance.

The Works is aired on RTHK 31 & 31A every Wednesday at 17:30, and a repeat every Thursday at 06:30 & Saturday at 18:30.

Archive available later after broadcast. ** Please note that the programme air-time on TV is different with webcast time.

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Louise Bourgeois and Jao Tsung-I exhibitions & in the studio: emo band Wellsaid 00:21:37 2019-04-24
French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, who died on May 31st, 2010. She was born in Paris almost 100 years before. After the First World War, in 1919, the family moved to Choisy-le-Roi to set up a tapestry restoration business. During her childhood, Louise’s father embarked on many affairs, one most significantly with her English governess. Her father’s domination of the household, and her mother’s death in 1932 later came to motivate most of her art.

Her childhood and its psychological effects on her came be major subjects. Her works reflect memories of her father, her mother’s illness, the pressures of childhood, and her own feelings of guilt, abandonment, and anger. The Hauser & Wirth gallery is currently presenting “My Own Voice Wakes Me Up”, the first solo exhibition of her work in Hong Kong, until 11th May.

Jao Tsung-I, who died in February of last year, is known not only for his studies of Chinese culture – he wrote over 900 scholarly articles - but also for his own artistic achievement as a painter and calligrapher. His scholarly works cover 13 genres across the field of Chinese culture, including ancient history, oracle bone inscriptions, and “chuci”, ancient Chinese poetic songs from the southern state of Chu. On show at the University of Hong Kong Museum and Art Gallery, “Searching Through Teaching” showcases his teaching, as well as research materials, books, paintings, and calligraphy collected and produced over his academic career.

The local emo band Wellsaid is an offshoot of math rock band, Emptybottles and the indie-rock label, Sweaty & Cramped. They write their own music, inspired by 1990s indie music, emo and punk. They’re about to release their debut nine-track album “Apart” in several formats, some of them a little bit retro.