類型:視像語言:英文分類:Personalities FeatureCommunity狀態:已完結 節目簡介: The word “collection” usually conjures up in one’s mind valuable antiques and jewellery being sold at auctions, or rare and priceless objects that belong in museums. But many collectors have been quietly gathering everyday objects of the past using their own time and resources. The volume of the items collected and the breadth of the categories covered by these “personal private museums” are formidable and can rival any museum in the world.

The 20th series of “Hong Kong Story” will be looking at these “personal private museums” and the passion the owners have for their collections. The experience will be like turning through pages of history or leaving through a photo album of the past. Some were things before our time and some will remind us of our childhood. It is a journey down memory lane.


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My own private museum -- Toy Story 00:21:54 2013-06-26

Hong Kong’s plastic toys were once known worldwide. To preserve that glorious past, KK has been collecting plastic toys made between the 60s and 80s. By displaying them at home, he has made them part of his life.

Joel, on the other hand, has been exhibiting his toy collection since 1986. He has also been doing historical research on childhood and studying the progress made in culture, design and science through toys. He hopes to inspire creativity by using toys as three-dimensional textbooks.