Glamour of Sport - We are Sports People

Glamour of Sport - We are Sports People

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Episode 9 - Back to the Starting Line 00:21:56 2012-10-09
Athletes all cherish their own dreams and strive to fulfill them in the arena of their choice. After all the toiling and sweating, however, there will come a time when they will have to retire as athletes. What are the hurdles that full-time athletes need to overcome when they contemplate a change in their careers and lifestyles?

In late 2010, Chi-Wo Lee announced his retirement after being a member of the Hong Kong Triathlon Team for 11 years. He ranked as one of the athletes with top performing results in the event. In 2004, he was qualified for the first time to compete in the Athens Olympics and became the event’s first ever ethnic Chinese participant. Again he was qualified to compete in the 2006 Doha Asian Games, where he won a silver medal in the event.

After his retirement from sports, he became a product manager in a bicycle company. Although his is no longer with the Hong Kong Team, his passion for the sport helped secure his appointment as a training partner for its current members. He thinks the need to attend 3 to 4 training sessions per week actually helps him both physically and mentally to adjust to the transition athletes need to go through after their retirement.

Chi-Wai Lai became a full-time sport climbing athlete in 2000. He won the Asian Rock Climbing Championships 4 times, and in 2005 was the world’s eighth ranking athlete in the event. Now at the age of 28, he competes as an athlete and takes up part-time coaching in climbing courses. He makes preparations for his eventual retirement by trying his hands in different kinds of work – such as high altitude maintenance work – so as to create more options for himself.

Do athletes have sufficient protection when they retire? Can Chi-Wai Lai and Chi-Wo Lee illuminate us by sharing their first-hand experiences with this issue?

Producer: Rachel Luk