Hong Kong Stories (Series 17)

Hong Kong Stories (Series 17)

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HK Stories XVII – Microtrends

Nowadays in Hong Kong, we get a lot of choices. When people get so many choices, they would become more and more selective. People with the same selected choice or the same selected habit will gradually become a group. These groups show new trends, microtrends, a fragmented society which is to break up the whole into parts.

For all these choices, they include more choices of jobs, food, religion, technology and ways of communication. All these choices on and on influence our entertainment, pop culture, family structure, religion and politics. These microtrends lead to the forever changes of our whole society.

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Be a Freelancer 00:21:54 2012-10-31

          To incorporate work into one’s personal pursuit and by doing so to enable one to dominate one’s life style of becoming his/her own boss or a freelancer. Stability and settled life is no more the core factor of consideration. Quite the reverse, personal satisfaction ought to be the biggest drive behind everything.
In this episode, we have interviewed a group of freelancers to see how they have led their life:
1) Chan Keung (陳強 )quits his DJ job and changes to work for a magazine agency, a job which is full of creativity.
2) His partner Lam Yat Hei (林日曦) gives up his full-time radio job but turns for the job of lyric composer and writer.
3) His partner Ah Bu prefers a two-timer work mode;
4) Rita and Cecilia are working hard to pursue their dreams as well as interest in photography; 
5) Eddie has found pleasure with image-making work;
6) Bobby holds on to his personal photographic style by merging his interest with work. 
All in all, it has been more common than ever it is that people nowadays are inclined to freelance job. Mutual support between the individuals is thus becoming more important.

 Director: Amy Ng
 Executive Producer: Silas Lee