The MAN HK International Literary Festival 2009

The MAN HK International Literary Festival 2009

類型:聲音語言:英文分類:Arts & CultureInternational狀態:已完結 節目簡介: The Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival will be held from 8 - 18 March 2009. Now in its ninth year, this annual celebration of literature invites writers from all over the world to gather to exchange ideas and interact with Hong Kong's diverse community of readers and writers.

RTHK Radio 3 is the Radio Partner for the Festival, and will interview many of the authors who have participated in. Here are full versions, which only available in here. Listen to streaming versions or download to the portable devices at your leisure.


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The MAN HK International Literary Festival 2009 - Interview with Markus Zusak 00:28:34 2009-03-30
Markus Zusak is the award-winning author of four books for young adults. With the publication of The Book Thief in 2006, Australian and US critics are now dubbing Mr. Zusak a “literary phenomenon”.

He discussed The Book Thief, with RTHK's Sarah Passmore after a special lunch on Tuesday, 10 March at M at the Fringe.

He lives in Sydney with his wife and daughter, and has become a surfing enthusiast.