Trash Talk

Trash Talk

類型:聲音語言:英文分類:LifestyleCommunity狀態:播放中 節目簡介: TRASH TALK explains the ins and outs of recycling in Hong Kong. Don’t just throw away household items - listen to TRASH TALK and discover tips and tricks that make your trash disposal and recycling better for our planet!

Join our host Marcy Trent Long every week for this thoughtful journey through Hong Kong’s world of trash


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Plastic Recycling (31-12-2018) 00:12:57 2018-12-31

This week on Trash Talk, Marcy Trent Long will be speaking Phillipe Li from Hong Kong Recycles about the situation of plastic recycling in Hong Kong, as well as what you can do with different types of plastics in Hong Kong.(31-12-2018)