Hong Kong Stories - Tango in the Margin (Series 35)

Hong Kong Stories - Tango in the Margin (Series 35)

Type:VideoLanguage:EnglishCategories:LifestyleCurrent AffairsStatus:On going Description: 10 documentaries telling the stories of social marginal people in Hong Kong. These people belong to the minority groups who may have material deprivation, limited social participation, insufficient access to social resources, and may even lack of normative integration in the society. However, they do not give up and able to find their own places and go their ways.

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A Horizon Star 00:21:37 2018-11-15
When you looked up at the night sky, have you ever thought about that there might be some other creatures living on the stars in the galaxy which are hundreds of millions of light years away while they might also be looking at our planet Earth, wondering the same thing?

Dr. David YU started to get interested in physics since secondary school. In 2009, David earned his B.Sc. in Physics & Astronomy from the Department of Physics of the University of Hong Kong. He believes that physics is the principle of all objects and a language to describe the world. Through it, human beings understand the interactions between substances and energy. Together with the physical observations and studies on the celestial bodies in the universe, tiny little humans like us who live on the Earth can have a grasp of the rules of operation of all things in the universe.

Yet, as a financial city, Hong Kong does not place great emphasis on astronomical development. There is the lack of funding for scientific researches and thus the loss of talents. The dim prospect has made the number of students studying Astronomy continue to diminish. At the beginning of the year, the University of Hong Kong even scrapped its major in Astronomy and a joint Mathematics/Physics major, which gave people the impression that the academia no longer attached importance to Physics and Astronomy.

However, the fact of choosing a non-mainstream major did not hold David back. After pursuing his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Hong Kong, David got his Ph.D. in Germany. Now he is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Although it is a precious opportunity to be engaged in scientific researches in foreign countries, at the end of the day, David knows that it will not be his long-term job. He just wants to grab every chance and see which direction his career can go.

Apart from conducting scientific researches, David also spends time and energy on science popularization in the hope of disseminating more scientific seeds. He co-publishes scientific books with other astronomy enthusiasts. Meanwhile, he talks about physics and astronomy in live videos on social media every week, which gathers a group of young astronomy lovers.

David’s long-term goal is to come back to Hong Kong to carry out research and teaching activities. Notwithstanding his passion, facing the uncertainties, he knows that a backup plan is needed. Nevertheless, he is not willing to set an effective date for the plan. Perhaps David believes that, if he heads towards his goals steadily, he will be able to conquer nature this time.

Producer: Lawrence LEUNG
Assistant Producer: Mandy KWOK