HK Geographic 7

HK Geographic 7

類型:視像語言:英文分類:EducationCommunity狀態:播放中 節目簡介: A series of 10 documentary TV programmes about the geographic and natural environment in Hong Kong. The purpose is to capture the beauty of Hong Kong countryside, to provide knowledge and the update situation of different habitats, in order to draw the awareness from general public to concern and care about Hong Kong nature.


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The Distantly Close Water 00:21:47 2018-01-04
The Distantly Close Water

Wetlands consist of different habitats, such as swamps, mudflats, fish ponds, reed beds, etc. These habitats provide shelters for different species, and help Hong Kong breed a multitude of species. The swathe of wetlands located at the Deep Bay in Northern New Territories even attracts many precious migratory birds to make their annual arrival every fall and winter to rest.

Pui O on Lantau Island has one the largest freshwater marshes in Hong Kong, which not only provides an ideal living environment for wetland plants, frogs, fishes, etc., but also provides functions such as water purification and flood control. However, such freshwater marshes in Hong Kong are often filled and leveled, or used for housing development.

Producer: Carrie Wong
Assistant Producer: Mandy Kwok