French Moment

French Moment

Type:AudioLanguage:EnglishCategories:語文Arts & CultureStatus:On going Description: 一杯咖啡
發現法蘭西的人情風俗、文化歷史... ... 

3/6/2018 開始   主持:Christine Cappio、趙善恩

4/6 - 27/8/2017   主持:拔萃男書院法語教師 Michael Le Cardinal、趙善恩

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親親法式見面禮 00:22:35 2018-06-17
主持人:Christine Cappio、趙善恩

面貼面打招呼(faire la bise),在法國十分普遍。甚麼時候握手,甚麼時候問句好,原來大有文章,今集 Christine Cappio 會跟大家分享跟這個禮儀有關的小故事!


- bonjour: hello, good morning, good afternoon (used during day time)
- bonsoir: hello, good evening (used during night time)
- salut: informal hi between people you know well, friends, and family
- coucou: even more informal hi
- âllo: used on the phone to check if there is someone on the line 


- au revoir: goodbye
- bonne journée: have a nice day
- bonne soirée: have a nice evening
- à bientôt: see you soon
- salut: informal goodbye
- à plus tard: see you later
- à plus: laters, informal
- ciao: italian goodbye, informal