Hong Kong Stories-In the Wake of Fame

Hong Kong Stories-In the Wake of Fame

類型:視像語言:英文分類:Personalities Feature狀態:播放中 節目簡介: “Changes are eternal”. The phase depicts the current situation in Hong Kong. In the face of a rapidly changing society, with new things continuously replacing the old ones, how do Hong Kong people stand on their feet in this ever changing world and seek for a room for survival?

There are people who shine under the limelight; and there are people who devote wholeheartedly for a chance to come. While most of them are still billowing in the resplendent ocean of vanity, some people dare to part with such reputation and seek for their own destinies.

Ten public figures on TV share their experience in the course of transformation. How do they swallow their pride in pursuit of their own dreams outside the limelight?

Their stories reflect the resilient quality and indomitable spirit of Hong Kong people.

One could only set out again by shedding the weight on one’s mind. The possibilities are endless!


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Miss Yellow – Ups and Downs of WONG Yat-tung 00:21:47 2016-11-24
Miss Yellow – a name familiar to many in the DJ world. She is one of the few female DJs in Hong Kong, and the first who moved from being an artiste to becoming a DJ.

Miss Yellow who uses the stage name WONG Yat-tung, was born WONG Po-yan. Approximately 17 years ago, she dabbled in the showbiz through a beauty pageant in the hope of becoming famous and making some quick money, so that she could leave the home she hated. However, during the years of drudgery in the TV station, she had always been assigned similar roles such as sultry lady or mistress. Her sluggish career then made her wondered about the road ahead.

She then met her DJ mentor Ryan by serendipity, and made an attempt to learn DJing. As Miss Yellow has been in love with music since her childhood, plus her natural talents and efforts, combined with her own reputation, she managed to stand on her feet within a year in synergy with right timing and conditions. She was then catapulted to fame in no time and she has even engaged in the music industry as a singer in recent years.

The transition into the DJ business has pulled Miss Yellow out of rock bottom and allowed her to resume her life goals. On the other hand, religion has also transformed her thoughts and attitudes, and turned the old “gloomy and megalomaniac” WONG Yat-tung into the present “positive, optimistic and friendly” Miss Yellow. The relationship between her and her mother whom she has always given a cold shoulder to, is also improving. As for love life, she finally met her Mr. Right, and the two has already entered into wedlock at the beginning of this year, and commenced their new chapter in life…

The Miss Yellow now neither hides her wretched childhood, nor her ignominious old-self, and she does not brood over her failing past. It is all because she understands that her life is now different. She wishes to continue disseminating positive ideas through music, and exert influences on people who are close to her through love.

Producer: Boy LEUNG