Eating Smoke

Eating Smoke

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These days Chris Thrall is a successful British author. But, it wasn't always so. In the 1990s he left the Royal Marines to find his fortune in Hong Kong, but instead found himself homeless, and hooked on crystal methamphetamine. In a downward spiral, he also began working for the 14K triad society as a doorman in one of their nightclubs in Wan Chai. Dealing with psychosis and paranoia, this "foreign triad" had to survive in the world’s most unforgiving city, addicted to the world’s most dangerous drug. "Eating Smoke" is his story.

We at Radio 3 asked him, after an interview on Morning Brew, whether we might serialise it for radio. Chris and his publisher immediately agreed.

"Eating Smoke" is read by Nicholas Atkinson, abridged for radio by Alan Sargent, and Directed and Produced by Phil Whelan, Pete Spurrier, and Chris Thrall. (Saturday, 8.30am)

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