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Confidence towards future of Hong Kong / should Hong Kong extradite a Former Thai Prime Minister? 00:59:00 2019-03-21
On Thursday's Backchat, are you feeling happy about Hong Kong? A survey from the HKU public opinion programme suggests that confidence in the future of Hong Kong is at its lowest since 1994. Peoples' trust in the Governments here and in Beijing has dropped massively, and confidence in 'One Country Two Systems' has slumped 10%. Young people are particularly pessimistic with 75% saying they have no confidence in 'One Country Two Systems' . Do you believe the polls? If we are so gloomy, despite a reasonable economy, what's the cause? Is Beijing's crackdown to blame? Will opportunities in the Greater Bay Area change minds?
After 9.20, should Hong Kong extradite a Former Thai Prime Minister?
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